The Farmington Map Project is a community based sculpture project that recognizes the town itself and the peoples, places, sounds, and spirit of Farmington Connecticut.  Essentially anything that is Farmington Connecticut is this Map.  It will be an interactive work that will be installed at the Farmington Public Library and it is designed to grow and evolve over time.

The Map Project started as an idea, that through the help of the Arts in Education Mini-Grant, has become more than just a vision.  This grant was funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), the Department of Economic & Community Development (DECD) – Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA), and the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS);

The project is being brought to life by a collaboration of the community schools, the public library, and artist Balam Soto.  Every resident, community member, and visitor is invited to add their own contribution to the map.  Through this collaboration with the arts and community in a real setting and for a real purpose the project aims to develop a strong opportunity for students to grow and develop along with a greater cohesion for the town itself.

The project will consist of a large sculptural map of the town’s borders flanked by two panels which will act as viewing screens for multiple visual projections.  The projectors will deliver the images and video recordings done by the many contributors to the project itself showing views of Farmington: places, peoples, landscapes, locations, areas of interest, etc.  Audio tracks will also be a part of the project giving snippets of the sounds that make up this part of our lives.  People are also encouraged to record their stories and memories of Farmington to add to the ever cycling library of video and audio files.

With a growing amount of audio and visual content to deliver the map will act as both a representation of growing community recognition and an object to trigger the memories and files within the project.  Twenty-four buttons or triggers will exist upon the physical map itself which will interact with the audience and provide viewers the opportunity to manipulate the images and sounds that accompany the map.  The map will also exist as a hub for community members to place locations onto, which they themselves have designed.  With the help of the community school’s and public library’s growing maker spaces and communities icons and small models designed for the map will be printed out on 3D printers and attached to the map itself.  Like community involvement and collaboration the population of objects on the map will grow with time.

As a piece of art and as a piece of the historical present, this project should become an exciting on-going process that represents the town and the area we have come to know as Farmington Connecticut.

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