Map construction finished!

IMG_1536 (1).JPG

The maps are finally poly-coated and look AMAZING!  Everyone involved did a great job in the creation of these two pieces and they will look wonderful when hung up at the library.  Special thanks to all the students that designed, cut, assembled, glued, painted, and carried these maps around.  Next up is beginning to attach the locations and wire up all the electronics.


Adding and testing electronics


After printing the buttons that will house the electronics, they are put to the test to see if everything works and fits the design.  Copper tape adhered to the inside of the lid will create the conducting for the touch sensitive sensor to work.


Students Continue Working on Map


Students work to design and slice out the roads from maple veneer which will then be glued to the surface carefully.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.22.02 PM
Under the tutelage of Mr. Corrigan, students continue their work on the map by sanding and preparing the surface for a clear coat and maple laminate that will be used to define the major roadways through the town.


Once sanded, the roads are again carefully laid out and prepared to become glued.